Our Services

Entertainment Travel Services
Tour consulting geared at overall travel logistics taking into
consideration all means of transport
Project oriented tender preparation with overall cost estimation/calculation
Professional support during the tour with preparation of rooming lists,
assistance with the implementation of hotel riders, negotiation of early
arrivals, late departures and upgrades
Administration of allocation for major events
After-hour support during major projects
Planning of group flights and special routings
Private jets and full charter
Airline Upgrade Handling
Negotiation of excess baggage rates and its pre-flight handling
Rate negotiations with hotels and hotel chains of all categories
Booking of interview logistics and press conferences
Reservation of vans and transporters
24-hour telephone Hotline via Lufthansa City Center Cooperation
Association with 600 Partner Offices worldwide

Travel Itinerary and Organization
Reservation, Rebooking and Cancellation of: Seats and tickets
for all airlines along with confirmation via fax or E-Mail
Seats and Railway Tickets (domestic and international)
Tickets for Boats and Ferries
Car Rentals worldwide
Hotel Reservations
Charter Flights

Travel Information and Consultancy
Information on Travel Connections and Availability
Information on Hotel Prices and Car Rental Fees
Information on Destination of Travel
Information on Visa, Vaccination, Entry and Customs Regulations

Management Information System
Specific information on periodic turnover statistics
Interpretation of data
Documentation of accrued and lost savings